Besson’s Nikita Takes Another Shot at TV Glory, This Time on the CW

She blew away French moviegoers in 1990 when Luc Besson introduced her and actress Anne Parillaud to the world at the point of a silenced pistol, then Bridget Fonda did a pretty decent job in an American remake called “Point of No Return”. More recently, the then-fledgling USA Network gave the character a successful five season run starting in 1997, with Peta Wilson playing the deadly female agent Nikita. Fast-forward to 2010, and McG and his Wonderland shingle are set to re-introduce Nikita to a new, younger audience on the CW network.

The premise of the new show has been tweaked a tad from the original movie, and will focus on Nikita going rogue from her organization, while a new assassin is trained to replace her. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to be spun off into an entire show, but hopefully they’ll do something different than what we’ve already seen before, in particular the 5-year run of the last series. It would be kind of redundant to just put her back into an organization again, so maybe the idea of Nikita going “rogue” is to take her out into the world while being chased by her old group? That might breathe some new life into an otherwise “been there, done that” premise.

McG isn’t new to TV, he was one of the producers of the CW’s horror-action show “Supernatural”, which is currently in its fifth season. McG (“Terminator Salvation”, the “Charlie’s Angels” movies) will do executive producer duties on the new version of “Nikita” along with Peter Johnson and Craig Silverstein.

Let's face it -- you'd be scared for your life right now if you weren't so turned on.