Betty Thomas to Direct Dallas: The Movie

Yes, all those rumors you’ve been hearing are true — they really are making a Dallas: The Movie, well, movie. Based on the original crappy ’80s show about oil, big hair, and, um, more oil in big hair. The gal who has been given the cushy job (well, negotiations are still underway, but she’s probably got it if it’s being reported in the trades) is Betty Thomas, who is no stranger to crappy TV to movie adaptations, having guided the crappy TV show to movie success of “The Brady Bunch” a few years back.

Variety says:

John Travolta remains attached to play slimy oil tycoon J.R. Ewing.

When the movie was derailed late last year, Gurinder Chadha (“Bend It Like Beckham”) was directing. Luke Wilson was attached to play Bobby Ewing with Shirley MacLaine to play Miss Ellie, while producers were talking with Meg Ryan to play Sue Ellen after Jennifer Lopez dropped out.

The budget for the comic “Dallas” should be lower than the projected $65 million for the straight-faced version.

Happy times are coming to Dallas again. Wait, you HAVE been waiting for this movie, haven’t you?

I know I … haven’t.

Now if only someone will get off their ass and make a Walker: Texas Ranger movie already…

Betty Thomas to Direct Dallas: The Movie