Beverly Hills Cop TV Series Lands at CBS

Eddie Murphy in  Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Movie ImageBack in 1984, a black Detroit city cop in Beverly Hills running around with a gun might have raised some eyebrows, but is that still even an issue in 2012? I don’t know, but I guess we’ll find out because that “Beverly Hills Cop” TV show that Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan were shopping around last month has now found a home at CBS.

Apparently there was quite the competition for the show, with CBS coming out on top. The Eye network has now committed to a pilot episode, with Shawn Ryan producing. How these things usually work is, if the network likes the pilot that Ryan, who is also writing the pilot, shows them, they’ll commit to a first season.

The premise, we’re told, will stay the same — except it will focus on Axel Foley’s (Murphy’s character in the series) son Aaron Foley, described as a “blue-collar police officer”, instead. The lad will find himself in a “similar fish-out-of-water setup” as the films, “trying to make a name for himself, absent of his prominent father’s influence, and the criminals among the rich and famous in Beverly Hills he helps eliminate.”

So, he ends up in Beverly Hills. As a Beverly Hills cop? Not someone who gets there by accident and sticks out like a sore thumb? I guess we’ll find out the details when the show gets closer towards production.

Murphy is expected to show up in the pilot episode as Axel Foley, though only in a cameo to tie the show to the movies. This will be entirely Aaron Foley’s show, we’re told.

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