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Angus Scrimm in Phantasm (1979) Movie ImageUpdate: Or not? Bloody-Disgusting reached out to Coscarelli, and according to him, “I have no solid news to report on a new project now.” Which doesn’t actually mean he isn’t working on it or have it ready to go. You could parse that “no solid news” comment a lot of ways.

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The Tall Man! Flying silver orbs of death! And zombie dwarfs? Could it be? Could another “Phantasm” movie be on the way?

That’s apparently the word from the boys and ghouls at Dread Central, who claims to have reliable information (95%, in fact) that a fifth installment in Don Coscarelli’s “Phantasm” franchise is not only in the works, but already has a finished script and is set to shoot very soon. How soon, you ask? about sometime this year?

The first “Phantasm” surfaced in 1979 as a low-budget horror movie that went on to spawn three sequels, all four entries written and directed by series creator Don Coscarelli. Coscarelli is something of a cult director, and have never really gotten the mainstream due that he probably deserves. Besides the “Phantasm” films, he also counts the cult hit “Bubba Ho-Tep” (with Bruce Campbell) amongst his credits (there was supposed to be a sequel to this one, but it’s been years, so who knows), and is currently getting ready with “John Dies at the End”, probably also destined for cult status.

I had never heard of the “Phantasm” films until, oh, about 10 years ago. After watching the first movie, I immediately watched the next three films in the franchise. The movies are definitely an acquired taste, but well worth seeking out if you have the time. The fact that Coscarelli writes and directs all four films give them a certain logical progression as you witness the Tall Man slowly but surely start to take over the world.

No plot details for “Phantasm 5″ (if one is indeed in the works), but if Coscarelli is once again back to write and direct, I suspect it’ll stay faithful to the previous four movies. I don’t see Coscarelli going the trendy route and reboot the franchise at this point. It would be so disappointing if he did that.

If part five is a continuation of the previous four movies, hopefully Reggie still has his trigger finger…

Reggie Bannister in Phantasm

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  • Dedpool

    HELL YEAH!! Bring on Angus Scrimm! Wait he’s still alive right? Cause if not I don’t even want to know who they’d try to get to replace him.

    • Chrisyarb81

      He’s like 85, and Reggie Bannister’s 65. I really hate to say it, but they may get new actors. I mean, those guys are fucking old.

      • Nix

        The way Coscarelli has continued the story in chronological order, it wouldn’t necessarily mean he has to get rid of Bannister or Scrimm while still introducing new characters. The Tall Man being an interdimensional being and all, I don’t suppose it’s against the movie’s logic that he could, conceivably, transfer himself into a younger body, or some such. Just a thought.

        • Dedpool

          True true…but then that person better be scary as all hell!!

  • Runnin


  • Grammarcop

    Don Coscarelli = cinematic genius. Bring it on, Don.

  • Kory

    I hope they`ll gonna make Phatasm 5 with the original actors i luv the movies and i can`t to see it :D