Beware the Balls! The First Phantasm V: Ravager Teaser Trailer is Here!


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Surprise, fanboys! One day after the first poster for “Phantasm V: Ravager” appeared online, the teaser trailer for the next installment of the long-running horror franchise popped up on the web. Since we don’t want to be one of the few outlets who aren’t covering this thing, you can check out the aforementioned clip below.

Of course, I can’t wait to get my hands on “Ravager.” This genre-obsessed geek has had silver balls on the brain since “Phantasm II.” The most recent chapter of Don Coscarelli’s series arrived way back in 1998. Although I’ve changed a lot since those days, I still have plenty of time in my schedule for “Phantasm.”

Reggie Bannister, Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Kat Lester, and the seemingly immortal Angus Scrimm are all back for “Ravager.” Although it’s anyone’s guess what in the world is happening in the teaser trailer, it’s definitely enough to get this fanboy more than a little excited about the project. I honestly cannot wait.

Director David Hartman’s “Phantasm V: Ravager” will hopefully arrive before the end of the year. What are you waiting for? Check out the clip below.

Phantasm V Ravager (2014) Movie Poster

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Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Dedpool

    I absolutely cannot believe this is coming!!! Bring on the balls man!! LOL And Agus Scrimm is still alive?

  • Jeremy Kelley

    David Hartman? he is an old actor. sure its not Don who did the first 4?