Beware The CG Batman in First Teaser Trailer


Beware The Batman TV Series

Because you can never have too much of Batman, especially on the tube, the Cartoon Network is gearing up a new Bat-based show called “Beware The Batman” for sometime in 2013. Unlike the previous incarnations of the Caped Crusader on the cable net, though, “Beware The Batman” will be completely CG, and will feature “intricate twists and turns and puts the DC Comics hero in the spotlight for a new generation of fans.”

Beware, which incorporates Batman’s core characters with new villains previously unseen in animated form, also features the hero receiving backup from former secret agent Alfred and swordstress Katana.

Whoa. A secret agent Alfred? What’s that about?

Anyways, not a big fan of CG TV shows. If you’ve seen the “Green Lantern” one, you can see how badly it looks. Maybe they’ve improved it for Bats, but I doubt it. I hope it’s cheaper for them to do the show this way, because if it’s more expensive than going the more traditional route, someone should get fired.

The only voice actor listed on so far is grouchy “That ’70s Show” star Kurtwood Smith, here playing James Gordon.

Thanks to Dedpool, Mike, and everyone who sent this in.

Beware The Batman TV Series Poster

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  • Dedpool

    Love ya man but gotta disagree about CG shows. Yeah they look different but personally I like GL and Clone Wars. GL I’m hoping gets a slightly darker look for the next season like the 3rd saeson of Clone wars, but otherwise it’s pretty good. I didn’t like the look at first but it’s grown on me. This just looks weird. Not liking the design much. Too skinny. As for Alfred, he’s always been a former military man. Just not secret agent. Sound slike they’re making him into an older version of John Steed from the british tv show The Avengers.


    I am a stickler for handdrawn animation when it comes to these shows. The new GL ive heard is okay but I can’t stand the lack of detail and movement in the characters as a whole. They look like plastic or cardboard. This was the one thing I gave DC over Marvel with their cartoon series until recently. Marvel tried cg and failed for the same reasons listed above. Now DC seems to be moving into that field. I’m sure it cuts production cost down to do it this way but I’m also certain that I wont be watching it.

    • W.A.S

      I think it looks pretty. The CG is not my faverate, and i haven’t seen the new Gl show but i do like what ive seen of the clone wars and i really like Iron Man Armored Adventures. wich this does look simular to that kind of art, so i’ll give it a chance.

  • X_p

    not impressed at all. the animation looks terrible… remember the hot wheels commercials from the 90s that used cgi? ya that bad.

  • Garygriffith03

    i just saw the trailer. it looks good. the batman fans will enjoy watching this new dc show.