Beware The Swarm! Again!

Who isn’t afraid of killer bees? I know I am. Hate the little buggers. But bees on the movie screen? Eh, I could think of worst things to run away from.

Of course, that’s not going to stop producer Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, infamous for helping to launch the slew of Hollywood remake of Asian horror movies from the last 10 years, who is now turning his attention to remaking more homegrown fair. Along with Steven Schneider of Room 101, Lee and company are actively developing a remake of the 1978 Irwin Allen disaster movie “The Swarm”.

Award-winning commercials director Ash Bolland has already been hired to make his feature-film debut on the movie, with a screenwriter expected to come onboard shortly.

The 1978 original starred Michael Caine (yes, that Michael Caine), along with a slew of big names from the era. Caine played an entomologist trying to save humanity from South America killer bees that are on a course to devour Houston. Caine is not the biggest fan of the movie, but that hasn’t stopped it from developing a cult following.

My guess is it’ll go 3D before the year is out.

Trailer for the 1978 original: