Big Brother is Watching You Again in Another 1984 Adaptation

George Orwell's 1984 Novel CoverOriginally published in 1949, it’s amazing just how much George Orwell got right when he warned that Big Brother would be watching your every movie in the novel “1984”. Government spying on its citizens? Check. The Thought Police in full force everywhere you look? Double check.

The Orwell book was last adapted for the screen in 1984 (see what they did there?), starring John Hurt, Richard Burton, and Suzanna Hamilton. Imagine Entertainment is now moving ahead with another adaptation, this one to be scripted by Noah Oppenheim, who is also banging away in an attic somewhere on that “War Games” remake for MGM. We hope he doesn’t hurt himself too much on that one.

For the uninitiated, “1984” is set in a “totalitarian future society” and concerns “a man whose job it is to rewrite history tries a bit of rebellion by falling in love, a move that runs afoul of Big Brother.”

Back in the ’80s, Michael Radford’s “1984” was followed up by Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” one year later. Gilliam’s film, starring Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Niro, and Kim Greist, could easily be seen as a pseudo sequel to “1984”, if not an outright adaptation, albeit in Gilliam’s very unique, wonky signature style. “Brazil” was hilarious, awe-inspiring, and downright tragic, and if you’ve never given a shot, you’re really missing out on something pretty cool.

Brian Grazer, Ron Howard’s partner at Imagine Entertainment, will produce the remake.

Via : Deadline