Big News on Daredevil and Fantastic Four Reboots, Plus Joe Cornish’s Next Alien Film


Daredevil Comic BookFox may be skipping out on Comic Con this year, but that doesn’t mean they’re not making any news. Deadline just dropped some major tidbits on three highly anticipated Fox movies, including the latest moves on their “Fantastic Four” and “Daredevil” reboots, as well as what “Attack the Block’s” Joe Cornish is up to next. Turns out, Cornish is directing a movie for Fox, that’s what.

But first, on Fox’s comic book reboots…

The site is saying that Josh Trank, first rumored for the “Fantastic Four” reboot, is now officially directing it. Fox is looking to move fast on the film, and expects Trank to be ready to direct it as his next film as soon as James Mangold starts work on “The Wolverine” and Matthew Vaughn hops back into the “X-Men: First Class” sequel. Expect a whole new rebooted story and cast.

But while Fox has a for-sure director for one reboot, they’ve just lot another director for another reboot. David Slade, who has been talking up (and twitterin’) the “Daredevil” reboot for months now … is no longer on the film. Apparently Slade’s commitments to directing the pilot episode of the “Hannibal” TV series for NBC means he won’t be able to get “Daredevil” into production by Fall, when Fox needs it to go or risk losing the character rights back to Marvel Studios. With me now, kids: DAMN. Slade may be off the project, but that Fox will most likely push on ahead with a shitty reboot anyway just so they won’t lose the property. We were so close to giving the Man Without Fear back to Marvel, too.

Finally, in better news, Fox has tapped “Attack the Block’s” Joe Cornish to direct a big-screen adaptation of the novel “Rust” by Royden Lepp. The film is a family sci-fi tale about “a struggling farm family and the mysterious robot that shows up and changes their lives.” Apparently it’s very “E.T.”-ish. Deadline doesn’t mention it, but Lepp’s “book” is actually a comic book. Or graphic novel, to you fancy pants.

Rust: Visitor in the Field Book Cover

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  • LionHeart

    1. Yay. I’ll hold faith after Chronicle.

    2. Wouldn’t a lost director delay things further and cause a greater chance for rights to return? Either way, if Slade was the one talking up the “Born Again” adaptation, I’m not too broken up over the loss. It’s a great story, but would never make it to the screen intact and properly done. There’s not enough “superhero” in it.

    3. I really do need to see this “Attack The Block” someday.

    • Nix

      2. Not if they’re gonna put out a hack job, it ain’t.

      • LionHeart

        Eh, there was a significant chance of that anyway. One way or another, they were gonna get a movie out named Daredevil with a guy dressed in red. Maybe blind. That’s probably not compulsory though. >_>

    • Dedpool

      Yes. yes you do! It is seriously good fun!

  • Jose Filion

    So as long as FOX keeps making movies with the characters every 3 years they will keep the rights to the movies —- It must have to expire one day? or no? or is it infinite

  • Juggernaut

    The only reason that I wasn’t too broken up about a Fox reboot of Daredevil was Slade’s involvement. 30 Days Of Night is one of my favorite adaptations of a graphic novel. Now not only will the film be directed by someone other than Slade it will be rushed as not to turn the property back over to Marvel!
    FF isn’t a favorite of mine but a reboot with Trank sounds decent. I hope that he picks a more mature cast for his film.

  • Dedpool

    I’m actually a fan of the origincal “Daredevil” film and the Directors cut especially. it was like a completely different film tonally. I think that Slade would’ve rocked it, but I still want to see it done right. Just hope they find a good director, and cast.

    Trank on FF gives me goosebumps. I loved “Chronicle” and can’t wait to see what spin he puts on Marvel’s First Family. Hopefully we get a good Doom.
    My cast for FF is
    Reed: Patrick Wilson
    Sue: Blake Lively
    Johnny: Liam Hemsworth, Chris Zylka, or Lucas Til
    Ben: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Joe Manganiello
    Doom: Alexander Skarsgard ,(I’d say fassbender but he’s Magneto), Tom Hardy, or Mark Strong.

  • Tin Hoang

    Hopefully the “new” Ben Affleck will come for the rebooted DD!

    • Dedpool

      Only to direct. I don’t want him playing the role again, he’s too old.

  • Dedpool

    And is anyone else getting an Iron Giant vibe off this Joe Cornish flick?

  • Davidallen_33

    Seriously Marvel needs to find away to aquire its material back. Xmen First Class was very good but FOx has terrible track record with superhero movies.