Bill Maher’s Religulous Movie Poster

The guys over at SlashFilm have landed your first look at the teaser poster for comedian Bill Maher’s upcoming documentary “Religulous” (thumbnail to your left, bigger version below). The title of the movie is obviously a play on the words “religion” and “ridiculous”, in case you don’t get it. In any case, the documentary is billed as “Bill Maher’s take on the current state of world religion,” but you could just call it, “Bill Maher thinks your religion sucks, and he’s going to tell you about it with the help of Larry Charles, the guy from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, that show that every critic loves, but no one you know has ever seen.”

Or here’s a better logline:

An examination of the presence of religion in many of the big news stories of recent years, from Muslim riots over cartoons to the Ten Commandments in front of courthouses, a born-again Christian in the White House and Scientology in the birthing room.

What I said.

Bill Maher