Bill Murray Replaces Toby Kebbell in Megan Fox’s Passion Play

Mitch Glazer’s “Passion Play” has swapped Happy Shannons — actor Toby Kebbell has been replaced on the period thriller by Bill Murray, who will play a mobster in 1950s Los Angeles. The film will star Mickey Rourke as a down on his luck trumpet player who finds redemption from an angel stuck under the thumb of ruthless gangster Happy. The “angel” will be played by Megan Fox, so hopefully they’ll find a way to airbrush that oh-my-God-that-is-fugly tattoo of Marilyn Monroe’s face that the poor girl put on her arm, not to mention those “quotes” all over her body. Dear God, talk about bad choices in life.

The film is the directorial debut of Mitch Glazer, who credits include the screenplay for the Bill Murray Christmas comedy “Scrooged”.

Megan Fox