Billy Bob Thornton in Talks for Bad Santa 2

It wouldn’t be much of a “Bad Santa” sequel without Billy Bob Thornton back as small-time criminal Willie, would it? Of course not. So it’s no surprise to hear that Thornton is currently “in talks” to return to his surprise 2003 raunchy hit comedy. (Made for $23 million, the film grossed $76 million worldwide.)

In the Terry Zwigoff-directed original, Thornton played Willie, a small-time criminal who, along with his pal Marcus (Tony Cox), a “little person” with a mean disposition, disguised themselves as a mall Santa and his helper elf in order to rob the mall. During the planned heist, though, complications arise when Willie meets and befriends a chubby, lonely kid. Plus, he also meets the hot-to-trot Lauren Graham, and if you haven’t seen the usually very “clean” Lauren Graham nailing Santa in a car, you haven’t lived.

No word if either Graham or Cox will be back for the sequel, but Thornton seems like the only necessary piece for a sequel to work.

NSFW clip from “Bad Santa” below. The fun starts at the 2:00 mark, which I’ve conveniently forwarded you to: