Biting Elbows’ Crazy/Awesome FPS-Themed Music Videos

Bad Motherf--er Video

So, from what I can piece together, the two videos below are parts 1 and 2 of an ongoing music video series (called Insane Office Escape) by the band Biting Elbows. Both are directed by a fellow name Ilya Naishuller and shot by a fellow name Sergey Valyaev, and they are pretty damn badass. The plot, as far as I can tell, have you (the viewer) as some kind of secret agent or something or rather stealing some weird teleportation device (it only works when it gets wet, apparently) from some bad guys that just happens to have an army of guys in suits around to stop you.

It gets pretty nuts in the first video, but it really goes off the rails in the second video, which also happens to feature the better song. If you can find a better title for a song than “Bad Motherfucker”, show me.

Hopefully there will be more parts, though it doesn’t look like it. By the way, how long before someone in Hollywood spots this and Naishuller finds himself directing a big-budget studio movie?

Via : Geekologie