Bits: Phillip Noyce No Longer Hunter Killer’ing, Wargames Remake Gets Writer

Phillip Noyce“Salt” director Phillip Noyce has been attached to Relativity Media’s submarine actioner “Hunter Killer” for a while now. Well, not anymore. According to Moviehole, the director has moved on, with sources citing that “Hunter Killer” might have been “too close to other films he had already made”.

Which begs the question: didn’t he already know this when he signed on last year? He reads the scripts before he agrees to direct them, right? Maybe not.

Based on a novel by Don Keith and George Wallace, the plot of “Hunter Killer” has an American sub commander and a Navy SEALs team joining forces to rescue the Russian president after a bloody coup in his country.

Noyce is said to have now moved on to the love story “Timeless”, also for Relativity Media, and the thriller “Above Suspicion”. Hopefully he’s read scripts for those two first.


Wargames (1983) Movie ImageMeanwhile, Variety reports that Noah Oppenheim has been hired to pen the remake of “War Games” for MGM. Now that the studio is finally getting back on its feet, it’s been raiding its film vaults something fierce.

The original “War Games” starred ’80s teen Hollywood stars Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy as high schoolers who, thanks to the nerd half of the group (I think you can guess who that is), find themselves engaged in a “game” with a super computer that may result in the nuclear annihilation of mankind.

See, this is why I don’t mess with computers. You never know who (or what) you’ll end up talking to late at night.