Black magic in Man-Witch

Witches(Article by Tony G.) Who loves comedy? Well you might find some here with Jack Black’s latest film, Man-Witch. But then again there is every chance that the Todd Phillips directed film, will be about as funny as Nacho Libre or Envy (hey, if you liked those films, good for you).

In this potential ‘laugh riot’ (sarcasm is addictive, you know), Black will play a schoolteacher who suddenly discovers he has witchlike abilities. Taken in by a coven, he is persuaded to attend a school for witches, only to discover that his classmates are all girls.

I can imagine the sales pitch now with Phillips explaining how funny it will be to have Jack Black riding on a broomstick and wearing a witches’ hat. But ok, I’m being a little unfair here I admit. I have enjoyed Jack Black films in the past (such as School of Rock) and Todd Phillips….is a director I guess, so this could all work out. But you have to be impressed with the ease at which films get pitched nowadays. I reckon I could go into Warner Bros today (as long as I don’t get arrested on the spot) and pitch ridiculous concepts such as ‘Jack Black as a sumo wrestler’ or ‘Jack Black as the Green Lantern’ (erm) and they’d probably get made.

This film should be out next year and you can read the full article at Variety.

Jack Black