Blade’s Stephen Norrington Locates The Lost Patrol

And hopefully has forgotten all about remaking Alex Proyas’ magnificently and nearly perfect “The Crow”. One can only hope. According to THR, Norrington has come onboard to write and direct “The Lost Patrol” for Legendary Pictures. The film is described as “a supernatural action thriller set against the backdrop of World War II”, which makes it sound like a dozen other movies (half of them based on comic books) currently in production somewhere in Hollywood at this very same moment, but I digress. I’m sure this one is better. Or at least, more monster-y.

According to Norrington, the film will include “hardware, heroes, grime, [and] insane monsters.” Well, as long as they’re insane. It wouldn’t be very cool to be going around killing perfectly sane monsters now, would it? Of course not.

Norrington accrued mucho fanboy street cred when he produced one of the very first Marvel characters into a successful (and dare I say it, respectable) movie with “Blade”, but quickly lost it when he made Alan Moore crazy by adapting “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. I’m just kidding. Moore was already nuts before that, but I’m sure the live-action version of LXG didn’t help matters.

So why are you guys remaking my movie again? Really, I'd just like to know. What's the dealio?