Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson Wants to Survive Gravity

Robert Downey Jr. is already onboard Alfonso Cuaron’s outer space thriller “Gravity”, but this is a female-lead movie, so he’s not the one who will be onscreen almost the entire time. That privilege will either go to Blake Lively or Scarlett Johansson, or perhaps, neither. The latest news on the film have both women testing for the lead in Cuaron’s movie, which once had Angelina Jolie attached as star, before she parted the film due to money issues. The issue? She wanted $20 million to star, and the studio didn’t want to give her $20 million.

The Warner Bros.-set “Gravity” seems to be down to either Lively or Johnasson, playing one of many astronauts trying to repair the Hubble telescope up there in the lonely abyss of outer space. Trouble arises when they are assaulted by “an avalanche of satellite junk”, which kills all the other astronauts except one — our female lead, who must now fight her way back to Earth and her daughter. Dwindling air supply and the cold blackness of space, one presumes, will be obstacles.

It’s interesting that it’s come down to Lively and Johnasson. Both women are quite a bit younger than Jolie, and I honestly can’t see the studio putting the fate of their film on the shoulders of the very young Blake Lively. She’s got “Green Lantern” coming up, but other than that, she’s never really had to carry a movie, and “Gravity” is said to be in the vein of “Cast Away”, with the main actress onscreen almost the entire time by herself. Plus, Blake Lively (top left) as an astronaut? That’s gonna be a stretch.

Johnasson (below) could definitely pull that off, though. Then again, I think Johnasson could pull of almost anything when she puts her mind to it. Who thought she would make a convincing superhero in “Iron Man 2” (which she co-starred with Downey Jr.)? For my money, she was one of the best things about the superhero sequel, and that’s not just the hormones talking. Okay, maybe it is a bit of the hormones talking, but she was surprisingly very good in the role, so much so that she’s going to be reprising it in “The Avengers” and possibly her own “Black Widow” movie. (Fingers crossed, fanboys!)

In any case, back to “Gravity”. A decision is supposedly coming very soon, with filming set for early next year.