Blank Slate is Like the Female Version of Jason Bourne

From the guys who brought you “The Rock”, comes “Blank Slate”, an action spec script being described as a female version of the Bourne movies. Written by Doug Cook and David Weisberg, the story has the CIA implanting a dead agent’s memories into the damaged brain of a female convict, which gives the con the CIA agent’s deadly killing skills. It all goes awry (as it invariably must) when the con/agent goes rogue to discover the truth about the murder, which will, in all likelihood, lead her back to the CIA. If this is a Bourne-ish movie, the CIA must be evil. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil I say.

“Blank Slate” will be produced by Bold Films, who recently gave us the Paul Bettany actioner “Legion”. Besides “The Rock”, Cook and Weisberg also wrote the Ashley Judd thriller “Double Jeopardy”.

A female version of Jason Bourne? Talk about going out on a ledge. Get it? Ahem.