Blood: The Last Vampire Clip – Rain Fight

Another clip from Chris Nahon’s “Blood: The Last Vampire”, featuring Saya (star Gianna Jun) and Alice (Allison Miller) fleeing blood-thirsty vampire types in a dark and rain-soaked alleyway. The film will be Gianna Jun’s first English-language movie, and is based on the Japanese horror anime of the same name, though from what I can tell, the live-action version has diverted quite spectacularly from the original anime.

A vampire named Saya, who is part of covert government agency that hunts and destroys demons in a post-WWII Japan, is inserted in a military school to discover which one of her classmates is a demon is disguise.

Starring Gianna Jun, Allison Miller, Masiela Lusha, JJ Feild, Koyuki, Yasuaki Kurata, Michael Byrne, Colin Salmon, Andrew Pleavin, and directed by Chris Nahon.

Watch Saya play in the rain July 10.

Via UGO.