Bloody New Trailer for the Scott Adkins Zombie Flick Re-Kill

After Dark Originals is looking to bring new, imaginative genre-related motion pictures to masses, and if the trailer for “Re-Kill” is any indication of the direction the company is taking, I’m down for whatever they’re willing to produce. This clip comes straight from Comic-Con, a magical land where all sorts of snazzy cinematic offerings are presented for the lucky masses who are in attendance. Since I’m stuck here at home, I’m forced to live vicariously through those who’ve made the journey for themselves. And even if you think “Re-Kill” looks somewhat generic, you can’t deny the fact that Scott Adkins in a zombie flick is pretty badass. Sorry — extremely badass.

Here’s what the film is all about:

It’s been five years since the Outbreak, and the zombie menace is supposed to be waning. But the brave men and women of R-Division, who find and destroy the undead, are seeing signs of a second Outbreak, which humanity may not survive. Footage about the men and women of R-Division and their grim, dangerous, but essential job of exterminating re-animated humans was shot the week previous by an embedded journalist during a long, deadly day. Only the film survived.

“Re-Kill”, which also stars Bruce Payne and Daniella Alonso, will hit in 2012.

Source: Dread Central