Bob Hoskins To Battle Aliens With Willem Dafoe

My first exposure to Bob Hoskins was as the hardscrabble detective in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, so it came as a bit of a shock when I later encountered him being kind of a badass in movies. Also the British thing was a bit of a surprise. I’ve since learned what a versatile actor he is. He’s battled viruses, all sorts of crime, and even played dictator/drug lord Manuel Noriega (and let us not forget J. Edgar Hoover).

Now he’s getting the chance to fight invaders from space, space invaders if you will, alongside Willem Dafoe, Jason Flemyng, and Talulah Riley in “Transmission”.

The film, Moviehole has learnt, is being developed by Gold Films (who are Giles Alderson with his writing, producing partner Martin Owen) and is a British sci-fi feature being shot in 3D and centered around an alien invasion during an solar eclipse. The film is described as “’Pitch Black’ meets ‘28 Days Later’”.

Roger Christian, the Oscar Winning art director of “Star Wars”, is in talks to direct the film.