Boba Fett’s Dad is Green Lantern’s Abin Sur

I’m not the biggest Green Lantern fanboy out there, but even I know that besides Sinestro, the other big alien character in Green Lantern’s life is the alien Abin Sur, the one who initially gives Hal Jordan (aka the Earth GL) his ring in the first place. THR reports that the Martin Campbell-directed film has cast “Star Wars” prequel actor Temuera Morrison (aka Jango Fett) to play Abin Sur, while fellow Kiwi actor Taika Waititi will be taking up the role of Hal Jordan’s best friend.

Production on the DC film is expected to commence this week in New Orleans and will be, predictably, shot in 3D. Campbell will direct Ryan Reynolds, who stars as human test pilot turned intergalactic beat cop Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern.

Well Fett me. I guess it's back into space I go.