Bond 22 Plot Details — Where is Q and Moneypenny?

The boys over at IGN has got a nice breakdown of the recent news regarding the upcoming Bond 22 movie, including who will be back, who won’t, who is still not going to make an appearance, and a little something about the film’s plot. The first thing to know is that screenwriter Paul Haggis has made clear that Bond 22 will begin, literally, minutes after the ending of “Casino Royale”, and will follow James Bond (a returning Daniel Craig) as he investigates the masterminds behind the Le Chiffre operation that was the central plotline of “Royale”. Apparently no poker this time. Bond 22 will also break free from Ian Fleming’s novel, but will continue to be “inspired” by Fleming’s works.


As for 007 (Daniel Craig) himself, Haggis said, “It will be the same Bond you saw in Casino, a very human and flawed assassin, a man who has to navigate a morally complex and often cynical world while attempting to hold onto his deep beliefs of what is right and wrong.”

Two beloved regular characters in the series who were missing from Casino Royale — Q and Miss Moneypenny — will still be MIA for the untitled sequel. “Certainly, there may come a point where those beloved characters return, but, at the moment, they’re not in 22,” Broccoli confirmed.

I can’t say as if I’ve been all that excited about the Bond movies until Bond 21 changed all that. I’m really looking forward to this one…

Bond 22 Plot Details