Bones Spin-off Show The Locator Locates its Leading Man


So does this mean Bones and Booth never become a couple? Oh wait, that really doesn’t have anything to do with this news, but honestly, they’ve been dragging that “will they, won’t they” shtick out for so long I start snoring whenever it comes up on the show now. Fortunately, there might be another show from the creators of “Bones” to look forward to now that even a serial killer getting her head blasted into little chunks has become barely shrug-worthy — a spin-off show called “The Locator”, which will be based on the two novels featuring the character by author Richard Greener.

“October Road” star Geoff Stults has landed the coveted role, which will find him playing Walter Sherman aka “the Locator,” a former military policeman who can find anything. Stults’ Locator will be making his first appearance on the 19th episode of “Bones‘” current season, after which he will be spun off into his own show.

Or at least, that’s the plan. Remember when “House” tried to spin-off a show about a quirky, brilliant private detective? Yeah, that didn’t really work out.

Besides Stults, “The Locator” will also co-star Michael Clarke Duncan, who will be playing Walter’s partner Leo, “a tough, raw-hide cowboy philosopher.” Of course he is. What else would he be? He’s a big ol black dude who weighs like 300 pounds or something. That always screams “cowboy philosopher” to me.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    LMAO!!! This article is just hilarious to me. The idea is sound but rarely works, and they’re really gonna spin off a show from one episode? Why not have him show up a couple of times, maybe do a season finale with him and THEN try the spin off.

    • Nix

      Or maybe they should introduce him, don’t say ahead of time he’s getting a spin-off, and see if fans want more of him after that first episode. They tried to jam that House P.I. guy down our throats and no one was buying.

      • Dedpool

        I didnt even know about the House one. It’s a little late to not say he’s agetting a spin-off though. But still one episode isn’t enough.

  • Mingo

    Who ever wrote this article needs to get some of his facts straight, you do not call a single appereance to launch a new show a spin-off.

    We are not dealing with Coca-Cola launching a new Whiskey.

    A spinoff is if Sweets or the DA would get their own show, thats a spin-off.

  • Bob

    Just watched the Bones episode; I bet this spin off will take off!

  • Bob

    Just watched the Bones episode; I bet this spin off will take off!

  • Drodriguez47

    Saw the Bones episode The Finder. Loved it, and wondered if it were going to be a series. Can’t wait. Three intriguing (charming) characters. I want to buy the books now.