Boogie El Aceitoso Promises An Abundance Of Old-School Animated Violence

BoogieMovie1You know, there just aren’t enough feature-length animated movies geared towards unstable, unbalanced adults in the nowadays. I often find myself pining endlessly for the days of Ralph Bakshi, an era when cartoon characters fought, cursed, and engaged in a number of depraved sexual activities with reckless abandon. Gustavo Cova understands my dilemma, and has graciously bestowed the gruesome animated feature “Boogie el Aceitoso” upon the world at-large. Based on the work of famed comic book artist Fontanarrosa, the film follows the misadventures of a stone-cold hitman and his graphically violent shenanigans in the Argentinian underworld.

Here’s a more well-developed synopsis courtesy of Twitch:

Boogie is based on the works of cult comic artist Fontanarrosa and tells the story of surly hitman Boogie on a mission to prove that he is still at the top of his chosen profession despite the arrival of a younger rival. He drinks. He smokes. He swears. He scratches his balls. And, mostly, he shoots a lot of people just because he can.

Not completely sold on the idea? Once you check out the trailer, I’m sure you will be. “Boogie el Aceitoso” bows theatrically in Argentina on October 22nd.