Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day Finally Getting Made?

Could it be? Could Troy Duffy’s sequel to his 1999 cult hit “Boondock Saints” finally be coming to a theater (or at least, a videostore) near you very soon? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on who you ask, actually. Duffy himself has been trying to get the sequel off the ground for ages, but now comes word that someone who knows Sean Patrick Flanery (one of the stars of the original, and presumably, who will be returning for the sequel) has been told that financing for “Boondock Saints 2” has been secured, and that they’re about to go into production very soon. This summer, in fact.

The person, one Daniel Burnley, writes on the Atlanta Films Forum:

Just got a MySpace message via Sean Patrick Flanery (who I worked with on the upcoming feature, Crystal River). Apparently a deal has finally been nailed down to begin production on BOONDOCK SAINTS 2: ALL SAINTS DAY with filming to begin this summer.

He links to a video press release that has been, alas, deleted. But he does continue in follow-up posts:

To answer you question about the BOONDOCK SAINTS sequel, I would assume since the video press release mentions Sony Pictures Studios it would be planned as an initial theatrical release based on the almost cult popularity of the first film, but I could be wrong given the “new media” options out there.

The poster has over 1,000 posts at this particular film board, so one presumes he’s a known user, and not a troll who showed up just to eff around with the board. Hopefully he’ll keep us posted, or Duffy himself will make the announcement very soon.

Will “Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day” finally happen after 8 long years? We can only hope. Here’s what Troy Duffy said about the movie 2 years ago. He sure sounded optimistic back then, but two years later — still no “Boondock Saints 2”.


Here’s the video announcement by Troy Duffy: