Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day Headed to Theaters?

Yes, says Clifton Collins Jr., who co-stars in Troy Duffy’s sequel to his 1999 cult hit “Boondock Saints”. In the movie, Collins plays the third male lead, who joins the McManus brothers (played again by Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus) in their quest to rid the world of killers by, well, killing them. Hey, whatever works. According to Collins, the sequel may actually get a theatrical run instead of going direct to DVD, as has been expected.

Collins tells MTV:

“It was going to be released on All Saints Day, because [the film] is called ‘All Saints Day’,” he said of the November 1st Christian holiday. “But now, what I’m hearing is they want to release it earlier, because it’s pretty hot.”

The flick pairs Collins with the returning Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus, and ends with a big finale featuring “Boondock” scene-stealer Billy Connolly. “My favorite scene would have to be the showdown with Billy Connolly and myself, Peter Fonda, Norman and Sean,” he said. “There’s a big showdown in a giant glass house. It’s like an Irish ‘Enter the Dragon’ finale.”

According to Collins, the sequel will be bloodier and even more foul than the first one, which is saying lots, cause the first one was pretty damn bloody and pretty bloody foul. Check out this scene from the first movie: