Boondock Saints Sequel Plot Details – SPOILERS

Hey, look, kids, it’s the complete plot detail for Troy Duffy’s “Boondock Saints 2”! That’s right, you mind as well read the whole shebang here, because let’s face it, changes of Troy Duffy getting this movie made is nearly non-existent, even if he keeps telling you it’s going to happen. If you’ve seen the documentary “Overnight” about Troy Duffy, then you know the Duffman likes to talk out of his ass, so when he tells you that “Boondock Saints 2” will start shooting in August barring an actor’s strike, I wouldn’t put money on it. But don’t let that stop you from geekgasming over the idea of a sequel, especially if you liked the first one, which I did.

Duffy recently did a radio interview, and talked about the plot details for the second “Boondock Saints” movie. He basically tells you every single thing that happens in the film, actually, which is kinda strange, coming from the director himself, but here you go. Via GeeksofDoom, who breaks down the important parts for us:

The boys (Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery) and their father Il Duce (Billy Connolly) have been living in seclusion, deep in Ireland on a sheep farm, away from everything, when Il Duce’s brother comes to tell them that a priest was murdered in Boston and it was set up to look like it was done by the Saints.

The boys rush back to deal with it, while they’re supposedly ailing father stays on the farm. There’s a new character who’s kind of the Rocco character named Romeo; funny, but much more bad ass. As soon as the brothers land, they start picking off anyone who may be tied to this framing. Willem Dafoe is not in the sequel, a new FBI detective comes into play — a female with a strong southern accent. She wants to catch the Saints and is working with some of the detectives in the first movie (like Bob Marley) who, as we know, decided the Saints were good and began helping them, but they don’t think she knows this, so they need to go with that. Eventually their father comes back into play and tells them what’s going on, which sets in motion a full-on flashback of the story of Il Duce from day one.

Meanwhile, SlashFilm actually has the entire interview written down over at their site, and yup, Duffy pretty much tells you everything that will happen in the movie, including the ending, which is as follows:

“So for my money, you can’t just give them everything they loved from the first one. You have to give them a new story. She is that new story. She is one hell of a firecracker. She starts going with the cops, and this helps preserve something I loved about Boondocks 1, and fans have remarked about. Billy’s character Il Duce is the third act. He blasts the story wide open. And because we’re keeping him in Ireland, he gets to do the same thing here. He comes back in the third act. The brothers, everything you think is going on, isn’t going on. Here’s the guy that did this. And it ends up being an old guy who has a connection to Billy. And you sort of figure out where this has all been going. And we go into a period flashback and we explain how Il Duce got to be Il Duce.” … “all the way to the point where he makes the first version of that leather vest.”

That’s Troy Duffy for ya. Always talking, and talking, and talking…

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