Bootleg Nick Fury Cameo in Iron Man Video

After a lot of talk and debate and rumor mongering, it turns out that Samuel L. Jackson will be showing up at the end of “Iron Man” in a brief cameo as Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, who comes to Tony Stark aka Iron Man to talk about “the Avengers Initiative”. The scene takes place at the very end of “Iron Man”, once the credits have rolled, so make sure you guys stay behind to see it. But if you’re not inclined to do so, camcorder bootlegs have already begun showing up on YouTube and other free video hosting destinations.

The boys at I09 was quick enough to grab a copy and is now hosting it on their site. You can see it by heading over there now.

According to them, this is a “Spanish-language copy with good picture quality with an unviewable English-language version.” The whole thing is 36 seconds long.

Note: The Nick Fury cameo occurs at the end of the movie AFTER the credits have rolled. Yes, this means you will have to stay til the very end of the movie after all the credits are shown.