Both Beckinsale and Wiseman back for Underworld 4? Maybe.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, they can now confirm their news from last year that Kate Beckinsale will indeed be reprising her character Selene in the forth “Underworld” movie (which will, according to 2010 Hollywood law, be shot in 3D). Not only that, but Beckinsale’s Mister, Len Wiseman, will also return to direct the fourth installment after doing the first two movies, but then taking a break from the third one, the prequel “Rise of the Lycans”. The Wiseman bit is supposedly from a Variety article, but I can’t find it, and BD doesn’t exactly do proper source linkage, so there you have it.

As you’ll recall, Beckinsale and Wiseman met on the set of the first “Underworld” movie in 2003 and got hitched. In the world of “you can’t make this stuff up”, Beckinsale’s then-husband, Michael Sheen, was also co-starring on “Underworld” with them, and has continued to star in every “Underworld” movie since. Part three was also about Sheen’s Lucian werewolf character, with Rhona Mitra standing in for Beckinsale as Selene’s mum. Sheen, too, is rumored back for part four.

But wait! Here’s the kicker: according to BD, Beckinsale may be contractually obligated to do a fourth movie, but she doesn’t particularly care to do it. Which means the studio will either have to recast the role, or write her out after a small cameo. The thing about Hollywood? Actors are always “signed on” to do a number of sequels, especially when it comes to genre movies, but they don’t actually have to do them. If stars were all locked in to do every movie the studio/producers want when a film becomes a hit without any say in the matter, it would be slavery, not, you know, acting.

Meaning, if Beckinsale says she doesn’t want to do a fourth movie, let’s face it, she’s not going to do a fourth movie. So what does that mean? A blink and you’ll miss cameo of Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight black pleather, most likely.

Man, Kate Beckinsale sure knows how to fill out a, er, movie role.