Bourne 4: Bourne Finally Gets a Little Sumthin’ Sumthin’

It must suck being Jason Bourne. You can’t remember a thing, and what you remember is pretty hazy, and the truth always ends up sucking worst than you thought. Then there are all those evil CIA guys trying to kill you, forcing you to run around the world engaging in hyper kinetic fights that make no sense, get into car crashes that make you want to throw up from seasickness, and oh yeah, the girl you roped into the whole thing against her will, then fell in love with, got shot dead. But hey, according to Bourne producer Frank Marshall, all that may be about to change for the (sure to happen — CHA-CHING!) fourth Bourne movie, in which Bourne may be gettin’ a little sumthin’ sumthin’ with a fellow spy. Problem is, she ends up dead, too. Did I mention it sucks to be Bourne?

Comingsoon has your Bourne again news:

Q: Any ideas for a “Bourne” title?

Marshall: Well, there’s a lot of jokes. “Bourne Again,” “Bourne Yesterday,” “Bourne Free,” “Bourne on the Fourth.” I actually want to do that. Call it that and release the movie on the fourth.

Q: Would you want to do a straight adaptation from one of the novels?

Marshall: Actually, there is. “The Parsifal Mosaic” is one that we like.

“The Parsifal Mosiac,” not a “Bourne” adventure as a novel, deals with a U.S. spy who falls in love with another spy who is revealed to be a double agent just before her death. When he retires from the business, though, the spy learns that she may still be alive and sets out to learn the truth.

That’s Ludlum for ya, always coming up with wacky titles for his novels. Anyways, the thing about this fourth Bourne movie, I might actually end up liking it a hell of a lot more than the previous three, if only because I won’t be sitting there mumbling to myself, “Eff it, they’re just butchering Ludlum’s novels” over and over to myself like that old man across the street parents tell their kids to stay clear off.

So, good news for Bourne: he gets lucky. Bad news, she ends up dead. Or does she?

Below: “Hi, ladies, I’m Jason Bourne. I like long walks on the beach and getting into bloody fights with evil CIA types. Call me!”