Bourne 4 Scheduled for 2011

Apparently it takes longer to write a really good script about how evil the CIA is and how they do bad things around the world, and only one man can stop him and his name is … Jason Bourne! Ahem. According to producer Frank Marshall via his Twitter account (you kids and your silly tweetings), George Nolfi’s script for Bourne 4 is still unfinished (Marshall expects the first draft in June), and he’s scheduled the film for a tentative 2011 release date, a year later than previously thought.

So what does this mean? Um, not a whole lot, except Bourne 4 is still in the writing phase, and you’ll just have to wait another two years to see what kind of mess Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) gets himself into next. Paul Greengrass, who directed the prevous two films in the franchise, is also expected back behind the camera.

Here’s my suggestion for Bourne 4: Jason Bourne regains his memory, realizes his lost of memory is all because of Paul Greengrass’ shaky cam bullshit, and shoots him. Jason Bourne goes off to live happily ever after. What do you think? Call me, Hollywood!

Below: It took a while, but Jason Bourne finally remembered where his apartment was. Stupid amnesia.