Bourne Identity’s Doug Liman Directing Tom Hardy’s Splinter Cell Movie

Doug Liman on the set of Fair Game (2010) Movie Image

Former “Bourne Identity” director Doug Liman (who also has the Tom Cruise sci-fi flick “Edge of Tomorrow” in the pipeline) has signed up to direct the big-screen adaptation of the Ubisoft’s “Splinter Cell.” The movie version has been in the works for some time, with Tom Hardy attached to star.

Hardy would play Sam Fisher, an operative for a secret government organization called Third Echelon that fights terrorists and other unsavory types.

“Splinter Cell” is one of the many creators of the late novelist Tom Clancy, and is a “stealth” videogame, where the objective is not only to complete a mission, but do it as quietly as possible. A far cry from the type of games kids are reared on these days, e.g. the “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield” titles, where stealth is for suckers.

The first game was released way back in 2002, and it has spawn seven titles so far, with an eighth on the way.

Production is expected to kick off this August for a 2015 release, with Liman directing from a script by Eric Singer (“American Hustle” and “The International”).

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