Bourne Producer is Dreaming of a Matt Damon-Jeremy Renner Bourne Tag-Team Movie

Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner in the Bourne Movies

Of course, it’s probably not going to happen. Or at least, it seems highly unlikely that it will ever happen, especially given the fact that “Bourne” writer/”Bourne Legacy” director Tony Gilroy and Matt Damon are not exactly on speaking terms after the studio dumped Damon’s Bourne character and replaced him with another Bourne-ish character, then began using all the Damon Bourne goodness to sell their new darling.

But if “Bourne” producer Frank Marshall has his way, you can expect to see a “Bourne” movie starring not only old Bourne Matt Damon, but new born Jeremy Renner as well in the future:

You see there are several different programmes in the movie with different skill sets. All possibilities are open. My dream is that in the next one we see Matt and Jeremy team up.

Of course, it’ll mostly be up to Matt Damon to decide if he shares Frank’s “dream” of returning to the action franchise after being unceremoniously dumped, news that, if Damon is to be believed, he first heard about via the Interwebs.

Meanwhile, you can see Renner do his best Bourne impression when “The Bourne Legacy” slam-bangs its way into theaters August 10, 2012. That’s exactly one week later than originally planned. Universal, it seems, may have faith in Renner as their Bourne clone, but they don’t have enough faith that he can survive the wave of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”, which would have opened only two weeks earlier. Now “The Bourne Legacy” will have a three-week cushion to try to capture some of “The Dark Knight Rises'” audience.

Via : Empire