Box Office: 3D Evil Takes the Weekend

With only Casey Affleck’s faux Joaquin Phoenix documentary “I’m Still Here” opening against it, Paul W.S. Anderson’s “Resident Evil: Afterlife” saw little resistance as the fourth entry in the never-say-die zombie franchise took first place at the box office over the weekend. “Afterlife”, which returns Milla Jovovich as zombie fighter Alice, opened with $27.7 million according to studio estimates, easily beating out its closest competitor, the heist flick “Takers”, which climbed back up to second place after falling to third last week.

Though nothing to sneeze at (opening in first place is always good enough to boast about in Hollywood, even without any real competition), “Resident Evil: Afterlife’s” first place take is still below the last two movies in the franchise, which both opened in the $28 million range. That, despite the fact that “Afterlife” comes into theaters with a 3D component, which means theaters were able to charge extra in terms of per ticket prices. But hey, first place is first place, right? Final Monday numbers could eventually change things, though.

Clooney’s “The American” fell to second place, while last week’s #2, Danny Trejo’s “Machete” fell to fourth place. Both films have already surpassed their $20 million dollar production budget, and still have a few weeks on the charges to earn some extra money. “Takers”, meanwhile, continues to show surprising legs, reclaiming the second spot after falling all the way down to third last week. The film adds $6 million to its coffers, giving it $48 million in three weeks of release so far.

1 —-Resident Evil: Afterlife —-$27,700,000—-$27,700,000
2 —-Takers —-$6,100,000 —-$48,105,000
3 —-The American —-$5,896,000—-$26,731,000
4 —-Machete —-$4,200,000 —-$20,822,000
5 —-Going the Distance —-$3,835,000 —- $14,000,000
6 —-The Other Guys —-$3,600,000 —- $112,694,000
7 —-The Last Exorcism —-$3,450,000—-$38,190,000
8 —- The Expendables —-$3,250,000 —- $98,490,000
9 —-Inception —-$3,015,000 —- $282,425,000
10 —-Eat Pray Love —-$2,900,000 —- $74,633,000

You can't keep a hot zombie killer down, especially she's got friends.