Box Office: Adam Sandler and Fighting Robots Not Despicable Enough for the Win


Gypsy Danger Jaegar in Pacific Rim (2013) Movie PosterAdam Sandler’s buddy comedy and Guillermo del Toro’s giant robot extravaganza couldn’t quite unseat last week’s #1, the CG animated sequel “Despicable Me 2″ for the box office crown this weekend. The family film retained its hold on the top spot over the weekend, just barely beating out the Adam Sandler-fronted comedy “Grown Ups 2″, but had an easier time fending off the sci-fi punch’em robot flick “Pacific Rim”. The film, starring Steve Carell as a former villain turned single dad, has now earned $472 million worldwide after just two weeks of release, and is well on its way to surpassing the original, which earned $543 million worldwide 3 years ago.

“Despicable Me 2″ had to fend off two studio newcomers this week and just barely managed to edge out the Adam Sandler comedy “Grown Ups 2″, which opened in second place with a studio estimated $42.5 million, $2 million behind the CG sequel. For some reason, the comedy cost $80 million to make (about the same as the first movie), most of that no doubt going to the film’s male comedian cast’s salary. The film got, predictably, terrible reviews from mainstream critics, and currently holds a miserable 7% freshness rating at as of this writing. Not that that matters, mind you. Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler fans could care less about critic reviews.

Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” opened in third place with $38.3 million domestically, but has already punched its way to $53 million from overseas box office, giving it $91.3 million so far in its first week. That’s not unexpected. Big-budget Hollywood sci-fi films usually do very well overseas, where audiences are usually more forgiving. It’s altogether not a bad first weekend haul for “Pacific Rim”. The problem is the movie’s massive budget ($190 million), so it will probably have to continue performing very well overseas for it not to lose money. At this point, it’s not going to be able to depend on domestic box office, if its third place showing is any indication. I think it’s probably safe to assume that anyone who is interested in seeing “Pacific Rim” Stateside has already seen it this weekend.

Pacific Rim (2013) Movie Image

“We bought three tickets ourselves!”

Meanwhile, it looks like Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” is very close to turning respectable, with the film currently sitting at $423 million worldwide. Depending on how much it actually costs the film to make (including those reportedly lengthy reshoots) and to market (production costs for the film are currently pegged at $190 million), the first really big-budget zombie movie starring an A-list star might just end up profitable. Maybe. Also looking likely to turn up in the black is Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, which has now earned $619 million worldwide. Looks like people are digging Supe’s return to the big screen. “Justice League” movie, anyone?

The rest of the Top 5 are rounded out with “The Heat” at #4 ($128 million worldwide in 3 weeks) and Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” at #5. The expensive western starring Johnny Depp has now earned $71 million domestically and $119 million worldwide in two weeks of release. You should expect those foreign box office to continue to rise. Again, big-budget spectacles usually do very well overseas.

Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger (2013) Movie Image

“But seriously though. You did tell all your friends to buy a ticket to our movie, right?”

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  • Tin Hoang

    I think Pacific Rim will under perform given hype and budget, but it’ll end up in the black with Blu-Ray, VOD, etc. Had plan on seeing it in the theaters, but after the reviews everywhere and the review here pretty much sealed it’s fate to Blu-ray for me.

    • Nix

      Go ahead and watch it in theaters. Show up early, watch the first 20 minutes. Then go buy some nachos and play games in the arcade in the lobby for the next 50 minutes, then return for the next Kajiu-Robot fight. I should have done that.

      • Tin Hoang

        lol. so 50 minutes can be fast forwarded? Is the 3D even worth it then?

        • Nix

          I wouldn’t know. As a guy who used to wear glasses since he was in middle school then got laser correction, I refuse to wear anything resembling glasses ever again.

          • Dedpool


    • venomAA

      Go watch it on the theater. A TV wont do justice to this movie. Don’t know why the bad reviews. Maybe they where expecting a movie like Pan’s Labyrinth.
      The movie is a total homage to the 70 monster movies and anime’s like Tetsujin 28 or Mazinger Z (10 bucks to the one who can tell me the move of Gipsy Dancer that’s a homage to Mazinger Rocket Punch). Do not expect a bid deep plot and enjoy the ride, I did and i would put this movie above the overrated movie of Superman.