Box Office: Alice Rules Again, Bourne in Iraq Bombs. Get it? Ahem.

Despite across the board middling reviews, Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” continues to defy expectations. The fantasy film took the box office for the second straight week with another powerhouse performance, raking in another $62 million to put its two-week total at $208 million. Worldwide box office for the film now tops $429 million, making it the most lucrative Depp/Burton movie of all time. The film is also well on its way to becoming Burton’s biggest film to date, with only his 1989 “Batman” standing in the way. That film topped out at $251 million at the domestic box office, which “Alice” should easily surpass in a week or two.

Meanwhile, American moviegoers continue to tell Hollywood that, honestly, guys, we really don’t give a shit about your opinions on the Iraq War. Despite the potential inherent in another Damon-Greengrass “Bourne”-ish film (the main selling point in all the ads), the expensive war film (it was made for $100 million) barely cleared $14.5 million in its debut. A staggeringly low number for a film of its budget and star power in front of and behind the camera. Overseas, the film didn’t fare any better, managing just under $10 million in its debut. From all accounts, “Green Zone” was a vanity project for Greengrass and Damon, a “thank you” to the director and star for their “Bourne” movies, and the studio’s way of convincing both men to return for another “Bourne” film. That is one expensive thank you, let me tell you.

At this rate, the horny teen comedy “She’s Out of My League” will probably recoup its budget before the much more expensive “Green Zone”. The sex comedy debuted with $9.6 million, good enough for third place. Made for $20 million, the comedy about an average guy who lands a hot girl should see easy returns in the coming weeks, and should easily make its bones on the DVD circuit.

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson’s “Remember Me” came in fourth place with $8.3 million, while the family comedy “Our Family Wedding” opened in sixth place with $7.6 million.

Box Office Top 10:

1 —–Alice in Wonderland (2010) —–$62,000,000 —–$208,625,000
2 —–Green Zone —–$14,535,000 —– $14,535,000
3 —–She’s Out of My League—–$9,600,000 —–$9,600,000
4 —–Remember Me —– $8,300,000—–$8,300,000
5 —–Shutter Island —– $8,140,000 —–$108,008,000
6 —–Our Family Wedding —–$7,600,000—–$7,600,000
7 —–Avatar —–$6,600,000 —–$730,344,000
8 —–Brooklyn’s Finest —–$4,290,000 —– $21,351,000
9 —–Cop Out —–$4,230,000 —–$39,442,000
10 —–The Crazies—–$3,650,000 —–$33,358,000

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