Box Office: America Loves Their Fatties

If there’s one thing American moviegoers love, it’s fat jokes, which may explain why “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” has taken the top spot two weeks in a role. Sure, the Kevin James comedy barely beat out the debut of the third “Underworld” movie over the weekend, but a beating is still a beating, and the mall cop took down the werewolves by just a hair — about one million, give or take a couple of hundred thou here and there. But the bigger surprise? Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” came in third place with another solid $16 million, for a total 7-week (most of that in limited release) take of just shy of $100 million clams. Not bad for a drama where Eastwood plays a racist old guy who tells gangbanging Hmong kids to “get off his lawn”, huh?

The week’s other debut film, the Brendan Frasier fantasy “Inkheart” barely scratched the box office with $7.7 million in its first week. I’m not sure what this says about Brendan Frasier’s star power, but I’m sure it’s not very good. Danny Boyle’s much hyped “Slumdog Milionaire”, meanwhile, continues to do well, taking in another $10.5 million from unsuspecting moviegoers who bought into the hype that this was an inspirational movie, only to be treated to an utterly depressing movie about how shitty India is. Suckers!

Here’s how the Top 10 broke down over the weekend for those of you who care about such things (via):

1 —–Paul Blart: Mall Cop —–$21,500,000—–$64,800,000
2 —–Underworld: Rise of the Lycans —–$20,700,000 —–$20,700,000
3 —–Gran Torino —–$16,000,000 —–$97,576,000
4 —–Hotel for Dogs —– $12,360,000 —–$36,955,000
5 —–Slumdog Millionaire —–$10,550,000 —–$55,916,000
6 —–My Bloody Valentine 3-D —–$10,050,000 —–$37,725,000
7 —–Inkheart —–$7,725,000 —–$7,725,000
8 —–Bride Wars —–$7,000,000—–48,702,000
9 —–The Curious Case of Benjamin Button —– $6,000,000 —–$111,044,000
10 —–Notorious (2009) —– $5,700,000 —–$31,795,000

Below: “Seriously, kid, which part of ‘Get off my lawn’ don’t you understand?”