Box Office: Ben Affleck Goes to Town on the Devil, Prostituting Teen

He’s often been derided as an actor, but Ben Affleck the Director seems to have gained a nice footing with his latest feature, the crime flick “The Town”, which blasted away the competition at the box office, winning the week over M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror film “Devil” and the Emma Stone teen comedy “Easy A”. “The Town”, which co-stars Affleck and Jeremy Renner as bank robbing buddies and Jon Hamm as the G-man after them, took the weekend with an estimated $23.8 million, easily topping a surprising showing by second place finisher “Easy A” ($18.2 million) and third place’s “Devil” ($12.5 million).

Last week’s #1, the 3D horror sequel “Resident Evil: Afterlife” fell all the way down to third place. The never-say-die film added an extra $10 million to its coffers, giving it a two-week total of just under $44 million and $86 million worldwide. The Screen Gems film has done well enough that the film’s star and director (and married couple) Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson, respectively, have already begun soliciting plot suggestions from fans.

Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” crept back up the carts after spending last week at #10. The sci-fi film has landed back at #8 with $2 million for the week, giving the film $285 million after 10 weeks of release, and $753 million worldwide. Despite the film lagging behind Nolan’s record-breaking “The Dark Knight” in total box office, “Inception” has actually surpassed the comic book movie in overseas ticket sales. Go figure.

1 —–The Town —–$23,800,000 —–$23,800,000
2 —–Easy A —–$18,200,000 —–$18,200,000
3 —–Devil —– $12,584,000—–$12,584,000
4 —–Resident Evil: Afterlife —–$10,100,000 ——-$43,991,0002
5 —–Alpha and Omega —–$9,200,000—– $9,200,000
6 —–Takers —–$3,000,000 —–$52,346,000
7 —–The American —–$2,756,000—– $32,856,000
8 —–Inception —–$2,015,000 —–$285,178,000
9 —–The Other Guys —–$2,000,000 —–$115,431,000
10 —–Machete —–$1,700,000 —–$24,336,000 $20

A movie about a cute high school girl who sells her body to nerds? Sold!