Box Office: Captain America Saves the World with $65 Milion

It’s good to represent Old Glory. Marvel’s second film of 2011 didn’t let the company down, as “Captain America: The First Avenger” topped Matthew Vaughn’s $55 million opening and, depending on the film’s final Monday numbers, will either have edged out “Thor” for the best Marvel movie of 2011, or come very close at second place. The Star Spangled Avenger opened to an estimated $65.8 million, which currently gives it bragging rights over “Thor”, which opened with $65.7 million two months ago. That’s such a razor-thin margin that you’ll have to wait for final numbers on Monday to really know where to put “Captain America” and “Thor” in the list of top grossing Marvel films of 2011.

The Captain’s only other studio competition was the romcom “Friends with Benefits”, starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, which came in third place with $18.5 million. That’s slightly behind the opening of the similar-themed film “No Strings Attached”, starring Kunis’ “Black Swan” buddy Natalie Portman, and which opened earlier this year with $19.6 million. That film went on to earn a shocking $147 million worldwide, with almost an exact split between domestic and International grosses.

Coming in second place was “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”. Not unexpected, the film took a major hit in its second week, falling a whopping 71% from last week’s opening take. Not surprising, given that it made a ridiculous amount of money last week. The final film in the “Harry Potter” franchise has already earned a staggering $834 million worldwide. If Warner Bros. doesn’t find a way to capitalize on that with spin-off movies, TV shows, or what have you, then Warner Bros. is run by monkeys. I don’t think they’re run by monkeys, which means you should definitely expect an attempt to cash in on the rabid “Potter” craze soon enough.