Box Office: Cars 2 and Bad Teacher Take Top Spots

There’s no doubt about it — bad reviews did Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” in. Now in its second week, the big-budget superhero movie has only taken in $118 million worldwide, and $89 million domestic. In its second week, the film has slid all the way down to #3 on the charts, easily bested by “Bad Teacher’s” $31 million debut, according to studio estimates. The raunchy female comedy starring Cameron Diaz came in at second place in its first week, its $31 million easily surpassing industry expectations. Which leads to only one conclusion: never, ever underestimate the power of a former “good girl” actress cussing like a sailor in a raunchy R-rated comedy. With “Bridesmaids” and now “Bad Teacher”, the future is looking mighty bright for the gals.

Despite awful reviews, Disney Pixar’s “Cars 2” still managed to pull into the top spot with $68 million domestic in its first weekend, and $42 overseas, giving it a worldwide gross of $110 million in its first week. The animated sequel is currently shrugging off a 34% freshness rating from over 100 critical reviews according to Rotten Tomatoes. So how did “Cars 2” succeed whereas “Green Lantern” didn’t? For one thing, this is a sequel to a successful movie, and it’s kid-friendly. Green Lantern was a second-tier comic book character at best, much like “Thor”, but unlike the Marvel movie, Warner Bros. couldn’t find champions among the critic community. Or the fanboy community, to be perfectly honest.


Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class”, in its fourth weekend, has cleared $317 million worldwide so far, which should be more than enough to dispel earlier worries of a soft theatrical run. Despite a $160 million production budget, the film is looking like a bona fide hit for Fox and Vaughn and company. Also doing very brisk business is J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8”, which has accumulated $131 million worldwide after just 3 weeks in theaters. Not bad for a $50 million dollar movie without any real stars in front of the camera.

Meanwhile, as expected, Disney’s latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, “On Stranger Tides” continues to sail towards the $1 billion dollar milestone. The film currently sits at $985 million worldwide after six weeks of release, with the vast majority of the booty coming from overseas markets (a whopping $756 million). Though the film has fallen quite a bit in recent weeks (it’s currently sitting in 9th place after six weeks of release), you can expect Disney to leave it in theaters UNTIL it surpasses the $1 billion dollar mark, even if that means losing the lion’s share of the film’s ticket sales to theaters. At this point, the bragging rights is all that matters.