Box Office: Casual Sex is Still Popular with Moviegoers

Natalie Portman is on a roll. After starring in Darren Aronofsky’s award-winning (and probably career-defining) “Black Swan”, she’s now finding success with predictable romantic comedy tripe ala “No Strings Attached”, which took first place at a very weak box office over the weekend. The romcom opened with a studio estimated $20.3 million, just barely beating out Seth Rogen’s superhero movie “The Green Hornet” for first place. “Hornet” took in another $18.1 million in its second week, giving it a two-week total of $63.4 million. The film, which co-stars Jay Chou as masked vigilantes, has earned $78 million worldwide so far.

Peter Weir’s “The Way Back” opened in limited release, landing at #14 with $1.4 million. Also opening out of the Top 10 in limited release: John Wells’ star-studded “The Company Men” (which co-starred Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, and Tommy Lee Jones) and the South Korean thriller “The Housemaid”.

The surprise film of 2011 so far has to be “The King’s Speech”, which continues to perform surprisingly well for a British drama. The Colin Firth film adds $9 million to its coffers, giving it $58.6 million so far. Not bad for a film made on a modest $15 million dollar budget. Worldwide, the movie has made $91 million, more than half of its total coming from Stateside box office. This is definitely one film that has benefited greatly from Awards Season.

1 —–No Strings Attached —– $20,300,000 —– $20,300,000
2 —–The Green Hornet —–$18,100,000—– $63,441,000
3 —–The Dilemma —– $9,727,000—–$33,364,000
4 —–The King’s Speech —–$9,164,000 —– $58,622,000
5 —–True Grit —– $8,000,000 —– $138,633,000
6 —–Black Swan —–$6,200,000—– $83,581,000
7 —–The Fighter —– $4,515,000 —–$73,031,000
8 —–Little Fockers —– $4,394,000 —– $141,186,000
9 —–Yogi Bear —–$4,060,000 —– $88,890,000
10 —–Tron Legacy —–$3,708,000 —– $163,268,000

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