Box Office: Cop Out and Crazies Shuttered

For the second straight week, Martin Scorsese’s psychological thriller “Shutter Island” was king of the box office, fending off two new studio competition in Kevin Smith’s badly reviewed buddy cop comedy “Cop Out” and Breck Eisner’s remake of George Romero’s “The Crazies”. Of the two new films, “Cop Out” just barely edged out the horror remake by $2 million, coming in second with $18.5 million. “The Crazies” managed third place with its own $16.5 million. Both new films enter the marketplace with modest budgets, $20 million for “The Crazies”, while “Cop Out” somehow got into theaters with an estimated $30 million budget despite being fronted by a usually very expensive Bruce Willis.

Last week’s #3, James Cameron’s “Avatar” fell to fourth place, raising its domestic total to $707 million after adding another $14 million over the weekend. After 11 weeks on the charts, the sci-fi epic has made a mind-boggling $2.48 billion worldwide. And you wonder why every Hollywood film is being coverted to 3D. As they say, monkey see, monkey do, and Hollywood loves its bananas.

Here’s the Top 10 from Box Office Mojo:

1 —–Shutter Island —–$22,200,000—– $75,076,000
2 —–Cop Out —–$18,565,000 —– $18,565,000
3 —–The Crazies —–$16,521,000—– $16,521,000
4 —– Avatar —–$14,000,000 —– $706,904,000
5 —–Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief —–$9,800,000 —–$71,214,000
6 —–Valentine’s Day —–$9,505,000 —– $100,358,000
7 —– Dear John —–$5,000,000 —– $72,624,000
8 —–The Wolfman —– $4,123,000 —– $57,244,000
9 —–Tooth Fairy —–$3,450,000 —– $53,866,000
10 —–Crazy Heart —–$2,540,000 —–$25,087,000

Okay, so we got beat out of second place by Cop Out, but let's not go all crazy now, okay, guys?