Box Office: Fast and Furious 6 Too Fast and Furious for Magic, Will Smith

After Earth (2013) Movie PosterProving that Will Smith is not, in fact, a box office God as previously thought, his latest, the sci-fi survival thriller “After Earth” opened in a surprising third place, behind fellow studio newcomer “Now You See Me” and last week’s holdover, “Fast and Furious 6”, which held onto the top spot by $6 million over the magic caper film, according to studio estimates. “After Earth”, the latest outing by Smith and son Jaden Smith, opened in third place with $27 million, just barely losing out on the #2 spot to “Now You See Me’s” $28 million. Remember the days when Will Smith could open a sci-fi movie without breaking a sweat? Oh, those were the days.

Although it’s only in its second week at the domestic box office, Justin Lin’s “Fast and Furious 6” has already raked in $170 million domestically and $310 overseas, giving it $480 million so far. The previous installment, “Fast Five” (also directed by Lin) eventually capped off at $626 million just two years ago. Part 6 should overtake part 5 domestically without much trouble, and with major foreign territories in Asia still on the way, the sequel has a chance to meet or exceed the previous part’s overseas box office as well, though that might take some more nitro power.

“Now You See Me” is a bit of a surprise, though it was heavily promoted by Lionsgate/Summit, and it comes with a hefty $75 million production budget. That’s kind of a bloated budget given the lack of stars and what is essentially a fancy caper film, but that’s Hollywood for ya. The fact that it’s beaten out Will Smith for the second spot is probably something to crow about, though I wouldn’t be surprise if “After Earth” ends up earning way more when overseas numbers are counted. Then again, “After Earth” is saddled with a $130 million budget, and had just as big of a promotional push as “Now You See Me”. Still, Will Smith sci-fi movies tend to translate well overseas, so we’ll see.

In other box office news of interest, Shane Black’s “Iron Man 3” seems to have settled into #5 on the list of All-Time Box Office earners, with $1.18 billion as of this writing. It doesn’t look like it will overtake “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” at #4 anytime soon. “Star Trek Into Darkness”, meanwhile, has surpassed its 2009 predecessor in overseas box office with $147 million, but is still trailing behind “Star Trek’s” $257 domestic gross with $181 so far. Worldwide, the sequel is still trailing the original reboot by a good $60 million, and will probably end up as one of the rare sci-fi sequels that didn’t match or exceed the original installment.

Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson in Fast and Furious 6 (2013) Movie Image

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