Box Office: Final Word for Destination, H2 at #3

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Who says the audience have had enough of stupid teens getting killed in awesomely groovy ways on the big screen? If that was the case, then “The Final Destination”, the fourth part in the “it doesn’t pay to cheat death” horror franchise wouldn’t have landed at #1 with $28 million, according to studio estimates. The week’s other horrific opener, Rob Zombie’s follow-up to his 2007 reboot of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” just missed out of the #2 spot, landing at third place with $17 million in its debut.

The “Halloween” reboot sequel was just shy of the $3 million it would have needed to beat out Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”, which fell to second place with another $20 million, a 47% drop-off from the film’s stellar first-week opening. That was still good enough to give the WWII talkfest $73.7 million in two weeks, more than putting the film in the black considering its (by Hollywood standards) modest $70 million dollar price tag. The film is still on course to be Tarantino’s biggest movie to date.

The week’s counter-programming release, Ang Lee’s period dramedy “Taking Woodstock” went mostly unnoticed, landing at ninth place with a weak $3.7 million in its debut. At this rate, it’s going to take a mighty effort for the film to recoup its $30 million cost. I’m going to go out on a limb and call it a bomb for Ang Lee. I could be wrong, of course.

Top 10 at the Box Office (via):

1 —–The Final Destination —– $28,335,000 —–$28,335,000
2 —–Inglourious Basterds —–$20,041,000 —–$73,760,000
3 —–Halloween 2 (2009) —– $17,405,000 —–$17,405,000
4 —–District 9 —–$10,700,000 —– $90,813,000
5 —–G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra —–$8,000,000—–$132,436,000
6 —–Julie & Julia —–$7,400,000 —–$70,992,000
7 —–The Time Traveler’s Wife —–$6,745,000 —– $48,193,000
8 —–Shorts —–$4,870,000 —–$13,565,000
9 —–Taking Woodstock —–$3,749,000 —–$3,769,000
10 —–G-Force —–$2,845,000 —– $111,801,000

Haha, if I hide behind this red cannister, Death can never find me. Take that, Death!

Haha, if I hide behind this red cannister, Death can never find me. Take that, Death!

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