Box Office: Game off for Gamer, No Extraction for Extract

I feel for the boys Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Their films are almost always unique in style and content, but they rarely get a lot of mainstream love from the moviegoers. Their latest, “Gamer” has landed with a dud in theaters with a less than stellar $9 million debut according to studio estimates, just good enough to land the film at #4. It was beaten out by the Sandra Bullock comedy “All About Steve”, a movie so bad the studio dumped it into theaters with barely any advertising. “Steve” made $11.2 million in its debut, good enough for second place.

Last week’s #1, the teen splatter sequel “Final Destination 4” continued to dangle its teen bodycount in front of the competition, retaining the top spot with another solid $12.4 million, giving it a two-week total of $47.5 million, more than its $40 estimated budget. I guess it’s true what they say: people just loves seeing pretty young people get sliced, blown up, and run over. I know I do.

Quentin Taranton’s WWII fantasy “Inglourious Basterds” also remained strong in its third week, taking in another $10.8 million and just missing out on the second spot. The “Basterds” have now cleaned up $91 million in three weeks of domestic release, while its foreign gross now stand at $83 million. Give it another week or so and “Basterds” should prove to be Tarantino’s biggest hit, surpassing 1994’s “Pulp Fiction”. Then again, that’s without inflation, etc.

While “Gamer” managed to land at #4 in its debut, Mike Judge’s “Extract” limped into the tenth spot with an estimated $4.2 million. The comedy showed in 1,600 theaters, about 1,000 less than “Gamer”, give or take a dozen or so. Then again, except for the animated “Beavis and Butthead Do America” in 1996, Mike Judge’s movies, including the eventual DVD cult hit “Office Space”, has never really been on friendly terms with the box office. I guess that hasn’t changed much.

Here’s the Box Office Top 10 (via):

1 —– The Final Destination —– $12,435,000—– $47,566,000
2 —– All About Steve —– $11,200,000 —– $11,200,000
3 —– Inglourious Basterds —– $10,847,000 —– $91,042,000
4 —– Gamer —– $9,000,000—– $9,000,000
5 —– District 9 —– $7,000,000—– $101,274,000
6 —– Halloween II (2009) —– $5,608,000 —– $25,664,000
7 —– Julie & Julia —– $5,200,000—– $78,840,000
8 —– G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra—– $5,100,000 —– $139,415,000
9 —– The Time Traveler’s Wife —– $4,215,000 —– $54,557,000
10 —– Extract —– $4,187,000 —– $4,187,000

Hold on one minute while I shoot all the people who didn't go see my movie.

Hold on one minute while I shoot all the people who didn't go see my movie.