Box Office: Harry Potter and the Box Office Fortunes

Shocker! Well, not really. But in case you’ve been living under a rock, “Harry Potter” is about to close up shop, and the first of the final two movies opened this Friday. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”, the penultimate installment in the gazillion dollar making “Harry Potter” franchise scored some major box office mullah in its debut weekend, easily beating out the Russell Crowe thriller “The Next Three Days” for first place.

In fact, Crowe’s latest barely cracked the Top 5, opening in fifth place with a pitiful $6.7 million, while “Deathly Hallows” raked in the cash with a studio estimated $125 million, easily usurping first place from “Megamind, which despite falling to second place, still soundly beat out “The Next Three Days”. The superhero movie earned another $16 million, giving the Will Ferrell CG superhero comedy more than $109 million in three weeks of release so far.

Tony Scott’s runaway train movie “Unstoppable” continues to chug along, falling one spot to third place with another $13 million, giving it just south of $42 million in two weeks of release so far. Needless to say, both “Unstoppable” and the Robert Downey Jr. comedy “Due Date” still managed to beat out Crowes’ “The Next Three Days”, which either means audiences just didn’t really care for the notion of Crowe breaking his wife out of jail, or they don’t care for the notion of, well, Russell Crowe. Maybe it’s not too late to get “Gladiator 2” up and running…

1 —–Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 —–$125,120,000 —– $125,120,000
2 —–Megamind —– $16,175,000 —– $109,476,000
3 —–Unstoppable —–$13,100,000 —– $41,962,000
4 —–Due Date —–$9,150,000—– $72,669,000
5 —–The Next Three Days —–$6,750,000—– $6,750,000
6 —–Morning Glory —– $5,233,000 —– $19,856,000
7 —–Skyline —–$3,431,000—–$17,643,000
8 —–Red —– $2,467,000 —– $83,574,000
9 —–For Colored Girls —–$2,400,000—– $34,540,000
10 —–Fair Game (2010)—–$1,470,000 —– $3,739,000

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