Box Office: Horror Rules Halloween Weekend

Huh, I guess there’s a reason all these horror movies set their release dates during Halloween after all. And here I thought movie studios were run by morons. Not this time, anyway. Then again, scheduling your horror movie franchise for Halloween is sort of a brain-dead move, so maybe I shouldn’t give them too much credit. In any case, “Saw 3D”, the seventh in the “Saw” franchise (and supposedly the last — yeah, right) buzzed its way to the top of the charts with a solid $22.5 million debut according to studio estimates. How solid? The last film, part six topped off at just under $28 million after a $14 million debut. Expect a “Saw 8” announcement before the week is over.

Last week’s number one, “Paranormal Activity 2” fell to second place, but still held onto an impressive audience. The film added an extra $16.5 million to its coffers, giving it a whopping $65.6 million in two weeks of release so far. The first film topped off at $108 million domestically, and $193 million worldwide. Likewise with this franchise, you can expect a “Paranormal Acitivity 3” set for next Halloween by the end of the week, too.


Bruce Willis’ actioner “Red” retained its third spot, giving the film just under $59 million after three weeks on the charts. “Jackass 3D” fell two spots to fourth place, but that was enough for the film to pass the $100 million dollar mark at $101 million in domestic take so far. It also makes “Jackass 3D” the most profitable entry in the franchise, easily beating the $79 worldwide total of the first film, and the $84.6 of the second. Clint Eastwood’s “Hereafter”, meanwhile, continues to underperform; the film added another $6.3 million, giving it just $22 million in three weeks of release so far.

1 —–Saw 3D —–$22,500,000 —– $24,200,000
2 —–Paranormal Activity 2 —–$16,500,000—– $65,658,000
3 —–Red —– $10,811,000—– $58,905,000
4 —–Jackass 3-D —– $8,425,000—–$101,578,000
5 —–Hereafter —–$6,320,000—– $22,161,000
6 —–Secretariat —–$5,071,000—– $44,774,000
7 —–The Social Network —–$4,700,000—–$79,706,000
8 —–Life as We Know It —–$4,000,000 —–$43,478,000
9 —–The Town —–$1,950,000 —– $87,602,000
10 —–Conviction —–$1,825,000—– $2,378,000

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