Box Office: Hotel Transylvania Outguns Looper

Hotel Transylvania (2012) Movie Character PosterDoes this mean ten more years of Adam Sandler movies? That might just be the result of the Adam Sandler CG animated movie “Hotel Transylvania’s” #1 debut at the box office. The film, about a Dracula that opens a hotel for monsters to escape from the “evils” of humanity, took the top spot over the weekend, opening with a whopping $43 million. It easily bested Rian Johnson’s sci-fi actioner “Looper”, which took second place with $21 million. Honestly, that’s actually more than I thought “Looper” would get. Despite boasting a cheap $30 million dollar production budget, “Looper” probably spent more than that on advertising alone. Looks like it paid off.

Last week’s #1, the cop actioner “End of Watch” fell to third place, adding an additional $8 million to its coffers, and giving it $26 million in two weeks of release. Like “Looper”, “End of Watch” was cheap to make (it had a $7 million production budget) but featured a heavy promotional blitz that paid off. Other newcomers include the chick singing comedy “Pitch Perfect”, which opened in sixth place with $5.2 million. The movie only opened in 335 screens, with a wider roll-out still on the way by October 5, 2012. It should add to that total pretty easily, especially considering its muscular $15,522 per screen average, which beats both “Hotel Transylvania” and “Looper’s” per screen average.

Obviously “Hotel Transylvania” chose the right week to open, with only “Looper” as the adult alternative. The CG animated movie from Sony’s animated wing features the voices of Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez as father-and-daughter vampires, with current Sandler protege Andy Samberg as the human hunk who comes between them. It’s, you know, for the kids. But I guess that goes without saying. Like the upcoming “Wreck-It Ralph”, the film featured a million dollar idea — a hidden hotel where “monsters” go to get away from humankind. See the twist there?

“Looper” has one thing over “Hotel Transylvania, though: the film opened in China with a whopping studio estimated $23-$25 million. Which, if you’re keeping track at home, means it beat the film’s U.S. box office by at least $2 million. Who knew time-traveling hitmen from the future translated so well in Mandarin?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis in Looper (2012) Movie Image

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