Box Office: Hunger Games Easily Holds off American Reunion, Titanic 3D

American Reunion (2012) Movie PosterApparently there wasn’t all that big of an anticipation for the long-awaited reunion of the “American Pie” kids, now adults, whose reunion on the big screen after 2003’s “American Wedding” gave the film a second place finish. “American Reunion” earned a studio estimated $21.5 million, well below “The Hunger Games'” Week 3 total of $33.5 million. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s three weeks in a row at the top for the Gary Ross directed sci-fi drama.

With its third straight win, “The Hunger Games” has now collected $302 million at the domestic box office, $417 million worldwide, and shows no signs of slowing down. And this is the franchise that director Gary Ross is even considering walking out on because Lionsgate may or may not give him a pay raise? Are you kidding me, Gary? That backend deal you have going alone is going to make you so much more money than whatever they can pay you upfront once this thing finishes its run at the ticket counters.

In any case, “American Reunion’s” $21.5 million weekend haul is pretty disappointing, considering Universal’s massive ad campaign for it. Then again, I suppose you can only do so much with sex gags that any kid could see coming from three sequels away. It probably didn’t help that the studio has been tainting the franchise with some low-budget, throwaway sequels in-between “Wedding” and “Reunion”. To put “American Reunion’s” lackluster showing in perspective, “American Wedding”, which came out 9 years ago, opened to nearly $50 million. On the plus side, “Reunion” did extremely well overseas, earning almost $20 million in its debut in just 28 territories. So yeah, despite so-so numbers in the States, the kids and their pies may still have staying power yet. God help us.

Heck, “American Reunion” barely beat out James Cameron’s “Titanic 3D”, which got a spiffy new coat of paint by offering up 3D for the first time. Historical disasters that claimed hundreds of lives just look so much better when people are falling off the boat right at you! The 1997 film earned $17 million on its second spin around the box office, just $4 million less than “American Reunion” despite appearing in 500 less screens. I guess James Cameron knew what he was doing when he re-released the sinking ship. Either that, or he really wanted the extra cash to add an extra gaming room onto his mansion.

Via : Box Office Mojo